My k-town Restaurant our desire is to contribute to the community that has so loyally supported us. Our vision is to create a dining experience that foremost, feels like a place that you decide to call yours, and that you choose to share with your family and friends. We feel that we’re living within that vision because in the Spring of 2022 we had to create Something new in the world of restaurants, so we decided to build something new and different from the rest of the restaurants in the Middle East. We chose a set of dishes from Korean cuisine and modified them to suit the general taste of the Arab world Based on that, we decided to establish K-Town Restaurant Our promise is to continue to be that comfortable environment for you to come and break bread with your friends and family. We’re committed to excellence in food preparation, flavour and presentation by using quality, fresh ingredients. We’re passionate about creating meals that satiate the appetite, satisfy the taste buds, and gratify the pocketbook. We invite you to check out our menu page to look over our enticing offerings, and then come in and experience for yourself We’re conveniently located and easily visible right in jordan-amman downtown next to hashem restaurant

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